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Last night's poetry group:
Two poems with the word "whorls."
Two poems with a science fictional feel.
News of a fine review by Brad Leithauser in which he chooses Sarah Lindsay and Greg Williamson as two of our finest contemporary poets flying under the radar.
"With her first book, Primate Behavior (1997), Lindsay might well have declared—were she not a poet who tempers her statements—that her subject was the world. Primate Behavior showed her continually sallying off to the planet’s outermost reaches: there were poems about arctic expeditions and jungles and crushing marine depths. She was likewise venturesome across history: there were poems about Constantinople and prehistoric cave-painters and various animals that vanished long before we humans could contribute to their extinction. From the outset of her career, Lindsay has employed a flexible free verse, and since her poems have often embraced evolutionary subjects (both Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace have made notable appearances), her loose meter might be considered a means of adaptation; whenever her imagination has found an ecological niche where a poem might survive (an alpine rockface, a horse-dotted steppe, a moon of Jupiter), she has gone there."
You can only read a bit more of it online, unless you have a subscription, so find a hard copy of the current (March 10) edition and savor.

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