The Careful Editor

I'm off to meet with my publisher this morning, going over the final edits for Blood Clay and looking at the cover.
It's worth noting that these edits mark about the fifth time I've been been through the MSS since it was accepted, approving changes and making a few more. Kevin, Sheryl, the "Saras", Alexandria, and the other interns - all have combed through the text, looking for consistency problems, awkward phrasing, repetitions, and more. Their work has been careful, thorough, and surprising - because as a longtime reporter and editor, I prided myself on "clean copy."
We don't see this kind of editing much any more in the publishing business. Things move too quickly, there aren't as many eyes on the text. Even expensive hardcover books from major writers and leading publishers can have eye-popping mistakes.
Check out this site for a look into the work of copy editors. And if you know one, send a thank you to these too-little-recognized keepers of the word!

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