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Today the old year has begun its slow climb back toward the light.
The Sun stood still, but despite the doomsayers, returned as expected to bring light and renewal to the earth.
We still light candles and fires to brighten our holidays, barely giving a nod to a long, long history of solstice celebrations, when the invocation of a New Sun was a matter of life and death - when people in the cold dark were not at all certain that the Sun would relent and return.
Whatever our view of divinity and spirit, we are drawn to these midwinter celebrations of light - Hanukkah, Diwali, Chrismas. We stand in the dark and sing back the light.
David Halperin had a lovely reflection on the nature of Christmas, a view from an outsider who is also an insider to the story.
Be sure to visit David's blog again next month, when he'll give us a look at his new novel. Those who've read Journal of a UFO Investigator will be delighted to re-encounter Daniel.

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