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It was bound to be a special night.
Marjorie Hudson, stellar author/teacher/cook, came to Greensboro on June 14 so that we could reprise the call and response" readings we had created from our 2012 books - my novel Blood Clay and her short story collection Accidental Birds of the Carolinas. We had had a blast on our original book tour, reading selections that spoke to mutual themes of strangers in the South, religion, race, the natural world, sex and love, so I was anticipating another night of this writerly dialog.
Before we set out for Scuppernong Books, however, Marjorie had a surprise.
She presented me with a jade-colored medallion and said it was part of her new focus on confidence building for herself and other women.
It did go beautifully with my dress - but its value lay in how with each breath I got a gentle reminder, a tactile moment like fingers moving along a string of prayer beads.
Like many women, I have suffered from what an Atlantic article calls The Confidence Gap