Out of control

Cover Art: Looking for Certainty by Anthony Tremmaglia

Don't you just love that cover? I took one look at it and immediately thought of our legislative "process" these days.
The summer issue of The Missouri Review is out, with a theme of "Fast Living." It's fun to see how an issue comes together, how a theme emerges from the submissions even if not imposed from the start. We used to see this kind of synergy back when I was opening snail mail submissions to Kestrel, and today as I scroll through Submittable for Prime Number. (And watch for a redesign there soon!)
Of course, I'm especially excited as six poems from my novel-in-verse, "The Leopard Lady Speaks," are featured - watch for the audio to be released soon, and another of the poems to be the "Poem of the Week."
The issue also Diane Seuss writing about art and Andrew Grace in the voice of a man with a dangerous past. Prose features include stories by Carol Ghiglieri, Ben Hoffman, Sharon Pomerantz, and Amanda Harris, as well as nonfiction by Marin Sardy about her mother’s schizophrenia and John Hales on missing out on the "Summer of Love."
TMR always offers a visual treat in cartoons, art, and photography - this issue has illustrations of Ulysses by Richard Hamilton and photographs of actresses from the George Eastman House.
If you'd like to see more, place an order here.

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