Interviewing Myself

Seems like things come in threes - most recently, three Q&As.
Two I've just sent off to their respective e-publications, but the first of the trio is now up at StorySouth. Ben Klinkner, formerly of the Greensboro Review, did a great review of Blood Clay, and sent a list of questions to follow the review.
They were interesting, and demanding - the questions that come when a person has read the book and taken mental notes - I was hard pressed to respond in kind.
(I have to say, being likened to Alice Munro will give an author the big head!)
Since leaving journalism, I've found myself on the opposite side of the table from my 25-year experience as an interviewer. Now I'm the one trying to make a cogent sentence, or come up with a name or title from the lumber room of my  memory. And it's tough. Hats off to those celebrities and newly formed celebrities who have to be poised and polished for a ceaseless round of interviews.

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